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Add or update your MAPs api keys

how to update your maps api key

In some cases our customers can have the ability to manage their maps api keys ( google maps or Mapbox)

To update your key

  1. Log in as an admin on your website
  2. In the left panel go to your Site configuration
  3. Within the site configuration panel , go to Map API Keys.
  4. Copy the Geocoding API key into the correct field
  5. Copy the Google maps api key into the fiel Google maps Javascript API field


Obtaining a Google Maps API key.

  1. Sign up for .com
  2. Fill out your billing details.
  3. Create a project.
  4. Enable billing for this project
  5. Go to APIs & servcies
  6. Click on Enable APIS AND SERVICES


  • Directions API
  • Geolocation API
  • Distance Martix API
  • Maps Javasccript API. ( option to restrict this one to your domain)
  • Maps Static API
  • Places API

Create Credentials

7.  After enabling the APIs go to credentials, Click on   ” +Create Credentials “. A menu wil unfold. Click on API Key.

A new api key will be generated and a popup wil open in jour screen.

You can always see the key again if you login to your project and press show key

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