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Accepting new orders

The orders dashboard an easy overview of new orders coming in where you can quickly select the type of action you want to execute.

How to accept a new order


  1.  In your merchants dashboard go to New orders
  2.  On the right top end side you will see a notification bell with a number next to it. each order will give you a new notification on each device.
  3. Check the order type,  look if it’s dine in take away  or delivery  and check the delivery date and time.
  4.  check the summary of the order
  5.  based on what you’ve seen right now you can either you can accept the order
  6.  or you can reject the order
  7. Print the order. ( try our paperless solutions like driver app and merchant app.. but if you want to you can)
  8. Add additional items to the order ( when it is dine in)
  9. additional options under the three dots (
    Contact Customer ( a popup wil open with customers phone number)
    Delay order.. ( some things can go wrong or be delayd by many causes, inform the costomer of the delay.
    Timeline.. ( when ever there is a conflict with a customer or you want to discuss training with your employees grab the timeline of an order and see where you can perform better)
    – download PDF ( a4 ) if you feel the need. ( but it’s in a cloud and it is backupped )
merchant new orders print and add items

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