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Creating a pos order

POS or better known as point of sale is an additional feature from us to allow you to create more revenue in spare the Investments of an additional POS system. ( next to the pos feature on the merchant app you can also acces it through your backend panel)
  1. Login to your merchant dashboard and go to POS and then click on POS create order
  2. In the top you see the word all that’s for you to allow you to view all products which are listed in your store
  3.  Next to that you can search for specific category
  4.  the menu search bar is to type in whatever you like to find
  5.  select the item you want to add to the cart.
  6.  customer info like walk-in or a regular customer who is in your customer database
  7.  type of order delivery pick up or dine in
  8.  depending on the type of order delivery information  like address detailswill be requested or not
  9.  The tipping section allow or request the customer how much they want to tip or not
  10.   promotional code
  11.  discount if you want to give the customer custom percentage of discount you can do it here
  12.  and reset the POS will empty the card
  13.  proceed to pay is go to check out and set order status to processing automatically 
NOTE , when you see a product and you click on it and the add to cart bar is not green, it means that somewhere in the productsettings you forgot something.. like adding a tax rate to a product.

Pos Checkout options- order Dine in

  1. Schedule or is the order for right now
  2.  give us an order status
  3.  number of guests
  4.  which room is the customer going to be seated
  5.  which table number will the customer(s ) sit.
  6.  the amount you will get from customer
  7.  payment method
  8.  maybe a payment reference number
  9.  and additional ordernotes  especially handy when order is scheduled

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